Put Me in the Story: Review and Giveaway

Eco-Baby loves to “read” books. Every morning when she gets up I read to her for as long as she can tolerate sitting. But throughout the day she also opens books (and of course pulls them all down from the shelf) and looks at them. She could almost fool you into thinking she knew how to read. So, I was super excited when the folks over at Put Me in the Story asked me to make and review a personalized book on their website. We have a friend who lives in Nevada, we have all been friends since elementary school. Her daughter is only 3 weeks older than Eco-baby.  I actually decided to make the personalized book for her daughter’s first birthday.

Not only is the book personalized with your child’s name, there is a dedication page at the front of the book that can be customized, allowing you to insert a personal photo and message to your child. So, I added a great shot of the birthday girl. It was really, really easy. I had a more difficult time choosing a book and a picture than I did actually putting the book together on the website.

What’s unique and exclusive to Put Me In The Story is that they create personalized editions of best-selling/award-winning books that kids and parents already know and love.  This includes Sesame Workshop and the Berenstain Bears. On the site itself you can search for book by age, occasion or gender. I wasn’t sure what I was going to go with but I eventually decided on a book called, Happy Birthday To You, rather than a book about a well known character. I did this because I felt that eventually she might grow out of liking the character but maybe she would keep the tradition of reading a special birthday book with her name in it every year.

She LOVED the book! Here are some pictures I received of her reading her special book:

Jeweleen book review

I would highly recommend these books. They are really easy to make and what kid doesn’t like to read a story with their picture and name in it?!

Put Me in the Story is giving away a free book to my readers!! Enter the contest below:



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  • shade ibe

    I would personalize “I love you so much”

  • http://www.workingonworkingmom.com/ Angela Gilmore

    Jack is in love with anything superhero related so I would definitely do that. My mom got him one of these books when he was really little and I’ve kept it safe for when he got over the ripping-the-pages-out phase. Now would be the perfect time, I’m glad you reminded me 😀

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